So close, and yet so far: that is exactly where EOLO is located within the Patagonian geography. The property on which it stands, a 10,000 acres estancia, is close to the most important southern icons - The Andes Mountains, the lakes and the glaciers - while immersed in the steppe's windy silence.

Accessible and at the same time exclusive, EOLO offers two unusual simultaneous experiences in El Calafate. On the one hand, you will be able to experience the scenery directly: the hotel has unique activities for guests who wish to trek, horseback ride, mountain bike or bird watch. On the other, visitors can contemplate the endless horizon and give in to the peacefulness of the geography's vastness without leaving the comfort of the hotel. The sunrises and sunsets, the moon rising, the infinite colors of the sky: all are at plain sight from ones' bed, the restaurant or any of the other common areas in the hotel which replicate on the inside the dominant simplicity of the outside.