The hotel's gastronomy brings together the best of the two worlds that compose EOLO: our chef - Juan Pablo Bonaveri - who has been in charge of the restaurant for the past five years - uses and optimizes regional products while, at the same time, applying international cuisine techniques and aesthetics. The result has his personal signature, one which values our origins and heritage without losing the cosmopolitan touch. This balance is present in every one of the dishes that we offer our guests.

Breakfast may be accompanied by the mesmerizing sunrise, lunch in front of the immensity of the scenery, teatime is the time to get to know our delicate selection of blends accompanied by some exquisite pastry pieces. The bar is also an ideal place to relax - before or after dinner - and to exchange anecdotes and experiences of the day's journey.

All of our wines come exclusively from Argentine wineries. We toured the country's top vineyards selecting the best labels for the enjoyment of our guests.

Executive Chef

Juan Pablo Bonaveri

His professional experience took place in Buenos Aires and the Basque Country where he worked in Michelin star restaurants and learned to respect the quality of products. Once his experience in Spain came to an end, he returned to Argentina to explore local culinary roots. That is how he came to Patagonia where the surroundings captivated and invited him to stay. Today, he is the mastermind behind EOLO's cuisine: an exquisite offer that fuses the taste of European immigrant foods with native Patagonian flavors.