EOLO was conceived as a place of quiet charm; no excesses, no stridencies... an understated elegance. It is a starting point and a destination. Inspired in the historic estancias of the area, the entire hotel - from its furniture to its dishware - combines the simple structure of the creole houses with hints of the area's original people and vanguard aspects of modern architecture.

Juan José Drago was in charge of the construction and the architect Fernando Bustillo - grandson of the renowned Alejandro Bustillo - was in charge of giving the hotel its aesthetic allure. Bustillo Senior was the name and talent behind the astounding beauty of the famous Llao Llao Hotel in Bariloche and the Provincial Hotel in Mar del Plata.

EOLO's design is one that dialogues with its surroundings. All of its spaces have outside views and the structure's dynamics center around a vital element: the central garden. This surface facilitates circulation within the installations and allows enjoyment of the outside while finding protection from the Patagonian winds. From there, guests will be able to inhale the freshness of Patagonia and relish in the simplicity of this space which changes daily based on our conviction that strength always lies in the details.