EOLOs team is what ultimately makes the difference. It is composed of young people with ample experience in the hotel, restaurant and tourism industries and with a vocation for service that translates into warm hospitality. Their commitment to the place and the experience accumulated over the years results in a staff that is highly respectful of the privacy and timings of our guests and one that anticipates the needs of each of our visitors.

All of us, collectively and individually, feel honored to assist visitors in their journey through Patagonia and through our country.

Valentín Virasoro
In-House Manager

He has a degree in Political Sciences, with an International Affairs orientation. For the past 10 years, Valentín has been caring for and supervising the details that make this hotel as much a home for our guests as it is his. He has traveled extensively around the world trying out flavors, discovering sounds and connecting with cultures. This has enriched him in ways that are evident in the hotel he manages. His travel experience and his passion for the Patagonian geography are reflected in the warmth and elegance with which he treats our guests.

Rodrigo Braun
General Director

Rodrigo is an Industrial Engineer. His trips to Patagonia started early in his life, motivated by outdoor sports such as hiking and mountaineering - two disciplines he mastered and led him to become a guide for foreign visitors. His love for this territory grew in a definite and profound way. Argentine wines, culinary art and photography are personal interests which he has taken very seriously and professionally. A curious and untiring explorer, he spends his time between Buenos Aires and El Calafate, and his sense of hospitality and adventure, and the experience gained over the years, are part of EOLO's identity.

Lucía Kuperman
Commercial Manager

Lucia has a degree in Tourism. Years ago she led EOLO's Front Desk team and now, residing in Buenos Aires, she uses that experience in addition to her academic studies related to tourism to plan the hotel's strategy. A nature and travel lover, she dedicates her time to thinking of solid yet gentle suggestions to offer guests during their stay in Patagonia.